Mobile Apps

We know the Mobile App is growing so fast, every companies / businesses who want to catch up with the competitors should achieve this field. Because it has so many advantages that only itself can do, besides of its mobility, for example : current location, contacts, speed/direction, communicate to other apps easily.

That's why we have the Best Team to fulfil the needs of your fully customized native Apps.

1. iOS
Apple has its own powerful ecosystem who make their users loyal to them, because of the top-notch performance. Building this kind of app should be really careful, because every App submitted to App Store will be tested by Apple's internal team to make sure the App is passed their standards.

2. Android
Android itself has the highest growing user base, with the flexibility and more freedom for user to customize. With its large number of users, you can achieve so many benefit on it. Building this kind of app also should be careful, because some devices  are not working with some features because their manufacturer modify the source code to create their own modified UI, that's why we have to make sure all features are working on every devices.